• The Rapid Value Chain Assessment Of Adeso’s Rangeland Management Project (RMP) in Puntland

    15 th Dec 2014

    The Puntland State of Somalia (PSS) is a semi-autonomous state within the larger Republic of Somalia, which is still emerging from the one of Africa’s longest running civil wars. Its people face numerous challenges relating to enormous and urgent social and economic recovery as well as the need to mitigate the risks of both human-inspired and natural crises, which further impact on its development prospects. The state is the grips of debilitating environmental degradation with a largely fragile ecosystem owing to widespread charcoal production, general deforestation, soil and gully erosion. These have resulted in the disappearance of water catchments, prolonged droughts, lack of water, diseases, poor soil fertility, desertification, famine and reduced livelihood opportunities.

  • Author: Muna Ali